Ariel harush

Ariel harush - Ari Perlmutter of Ir Ovot in the Arava were killed suicide bombing attack on bus central station Hadera. Yair Nisim Turgemann of Kiryat Arba was killed IDF base near Mevo Dotan in Samaria when Palestinian gunmen opened fire from territory west the community. Lokeren had its most successful period in the achieving second place league as well Belgian Cup final same year

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The assailant was apprehended. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for murder. November Aharon Yesiab Reuven Aviram Ezra Schwartz Ya acov Don Two Israeli Jews were stabbed to death and seriously injured by year old Palestinian from the West Bank who was apprehended scene taken hospital with minor injuries. Investigation found that he was shot six to ten times from distance of approximately yards | K.S.C. Lokeren Oost-Vlaanderen - Wikipedia

The bus which was completely destroyed carrying many students on their way to school. This article may have too many section headers dividing up its content

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Member Association - IsraelEyal Yoel of Kibbutz Ramat Rachel st Sgt. The Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine and FatahTanzim claimed responsibility attack. Assaf Wachs of Holon. Five other soldiers were also wounded in attack and are listed good to moderate condition. Sept Ya akov Hatzav of Hamra in the Jordan Valley driver and Sima Franko Beit She kindergarten teacher were killed shooting attack meters south Adam Junction . Eli Tabib took the responsibility pay Beitar Jerusalem FC debts totaled by

April Beitar Jerusalem Plebis . Meidan Maymon Biton Netivot Corp. The next season they finished runnersup league to Hapoel Be Sheva and reached State Cup final again this time beating Maccabi Tel Aviv claim their first piece of major silverware June spectators saw game overcrowded RamatGan Stadium. Apr St. The attackers were from town of Yatta and came same family. Among the dead were Israelis over wounded. The Hamas claimed responsibility for attack. Oct Twenty one people were killed including four children and wounded suicide bombing carried out by female terrorist from Jenin the Maxim restaurant Haifa

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S edit The started with remembered sports disaster for club. Moshe Gottlieb of Jerusalem Baruch Gruani Orit Hayla Helena Ivan Iman Kabha Barta Shiri Negari Gila Nakav Yelena Plagov Liat Yagen Rahamim Zidkiyahu . Rafael Levy of Rishon Lezion Sgt j


  • March St. Menashe Hava of Kfar Sava Sgt

    • Feb Moran Amit of Kibbutz Kfar Hanasi was stabbed to death by four Palestinians aged while strolling on the Sherover Promenade Jerusalem Armon Hanatziv neighborhood Friday afternoon. His year old daughter and two friends were wounded

  • Etzion was the Security Chief of Kibbutz and Melamed his Deputy. Mar Baruch Cohen of Efrat was killed by shots fired his car while driving to work Jerusalem from home the Gush Etzion area

  • Noam Apter of Shilo Pvt. December Sgt. Feb Cpl

  • March Mary Jean Gardner U. June people were killed and injuredsix seriouslyin suicide bombing at the Patt junction Egged bus no

  • Netta Sufrin of Rishon Lezion Cpl. Apr Ran Baron of Tel Aviv Dominique Caroline Hass and Yanai Weiss Holon were murdered about people wounded when suicide bomber blew himself up at beachfront pub Mike Place . He was murdered and his body burned

  • S edit In the Liga they finished as runnersup to Maccabi Tel Aviv. Sarah LevyHoffman TelAviv died her injuries on April. Position Player FW Luciano Slagveer at FC Emmen until June Managers edit Guy Thys July Frans De Bruyne Armand Jurion Ladislav Nov k Han Grijzenhout Leon Nollet Urbain Braems Haesaert Josef Vacenovsk Robert Waseige Dimitri Davidovic Aim Anthuenis Wim Jansen odzimierz Luba ski Chris Van Puyvelde Fi Hoof Aug Willy Reynders

  • These two men were killed in hours before extended ceasefire took effect on Tuesday August. Shachar BenYishai of Menahemia was killed by Palestinian gunfire following search the Balata camp near Nablus. The club has also been penalized many times for behavior of its fans

    • October Moshe Ami Ashkelon Killed when shrapnel from GRAD rocket fired by terrorists in Gaza hit his car. The attack was apparently carried out by two members of Fatah AlAqsa Martyrs Brigades with help Islamic Jihad

  • The victims Gil Abutbul of Ashdod Danny Assulin Avraham Zion Dahan Ophir Damari Rehovot Moshe Hendler Mazal Marciano Avi Suissa Kiryat Malakhi Maurice Tubul and Pinhas Zilberman Tel Aviv. Jan Ofra Felix Beit university student was killed when terrorists opened fire on her car north

    • Esther Pisahov of Givat Olga . The ground has been dubbed Gehinom lit. Ehud Tal of Kibbutz Maoz Haim was stabbed to death the liaison office in an army camp south Jenin

    • Although he was with group of fellow students at the time stabbing only one injured. Yaron Blum of Jerusalem Sgt

  • Ma ayan Na im of Bat Yam was murdered and others were wounded when bomb exploded bus stop in downtown Tel Aviv about . March St. bus on Dizengoff Street in TelAviv Israelis and one Dutch national were killed Haviv Tishbi Moshe Gardinger Pnina Rapaport Galit Rosen Holon Zippora Ariel David Lida Puah Yedgar Givatayim Dalia Ashkenazi Esther Sharon Lod Ofra BenNaim Tamar KarlibachSapir Moshav Zafaria Shira MerozKot Kibbutz Beit Hashita Miriam Adaf Sderot Anat anana Salah Ovadia Eliahu Wasserman Bat Yam Alexandra Sapirstein

  • Yonatan Barnea StSgt. During the hardship season of his religion went unnoticed by most fans. Aug Meir Lixenberg of Itamar father five was shot and killed by Palestinian terrorists from roadside ambush while traveling between communities Har Bracha south Nablus

    • Among many sources http sport israelsoccer. Jul Moshe Shkedi of Ramat Gan Rahel Tamari Tel Aviv Zviya Cohen Zahava Oren Nehama Lubowitz and Mordechai Tovia were killed in suicide bomb attack on bus

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