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Bitis nasicornis - P. They can reach top speeds of mph km in short bursts over level groundgood luck trying outrun one these snakes if you tick it off black mamba is much more terrestrial than other three species but readily takes trees search prey and bask seek shelter. Diet consists of fish small mammals other reptiles insects and some vegetation Threat Level Not Evaluated Facts This species has pineal eye which photosensitive area between its eyes that helps regulating body temperature by detecting differences light Cottonmouth Scientific Name Agkistrodon piscivorus Found Southeastern United States from Virginia down Florida over central Texas into Missouri Swamps ponds palmetto forests marshes dry wetlands Size Adults average feet length but can reach up Carnivore

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Mallow et . Deforestation agriculture is the major threat to this species. heraldica Bocage Angolan adder The high plateau of central . When not in use the rhino viper fangs are folded up into roof snake mouth | Snakes - Venom Supplies

P. Findings are based on an examination of relevant professional observations online sources and literature . Oriental Press

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Bitis nasicornis - WikipediaBlack Tailed Cribo Scientific Name Drymarchon melanurus Found In Parts of Central and South America the southern United States Savannas mangroves thorn forests wet forested areas Size Adults average to feet length Diet Carnivore. When not in use the rhino viper fangs are folded up into roof snake mouth. Local harvest is the major threat to this species but it supports an overall stable population. Barons Green Racer Scientific Name Philodryas baroni Found In Argentina Bolivia and Paraguay the canopy of savannas tropical subtropical forests Size Adults grow up to feet length Diet Carnivore

New York Sterling Publishers. True Vipers Natural History and Toxinology of Old World . Some popular snake species in the Elapidae family are Black Mamba Indian Cobra King Cape Green Egyptian Red Spitting Mozambique Inland Taipan most venomous world Scientific Name Ophiophagus hannah Dendroaspis polylepis Eastern angusticeps Western viridis Naja pallida nivea haje mossambica Texas Coral Micrurus tener Redbellied Pseudechis porphyriacus Snouted annulifera Viperidae Vipers important of snakes . xeropaga Haacke Desert mountain adder Northwestern Cape Province South Africa and the arid mountains of lower Orange River basin into southern Namibia Great Namaqualand far Aus Not including nominate subspecies. Many of the lateral scales have white tips giving snake velvety appearance. Whitefaced Saki Monkey Scientific Name Pithecia Found In Brazil French Guiana Guyana Suriname Venezuela Tropical rainforests Size Adult males average to inches and pounds while females are slightly smaller Diet Omnivore. Geographic range edit is found from Guinea to Ghana West Africa and Central the African Republic southern Sudan Cameroon Gabon Congo DR Angola Rwanda Uganda western Kenya. For searches based on geographic area always use Country first before selecting Region

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Therefore if you search all Australian venomous snakes using only Country will get complete list. Navy


  • This climbing behavior aided by partially prehensile tail. Facts The spines on its back and sides are made from modified scales

  • Juveniles feed on lizards and frogs Threat Level Vulnerable. Bitis at the Reptarium Reptile Database. Diet consists of rodents birds and small reptiles

    • U. Habitat and Behavior This species primarily arboreal often found in low bushes shrubs rainforest altitudes up to meters. Colubrids have their fangs located not front of mouth but angled back

  • Red Pygmy Rattlesnake Scientific Name Sistrurus miliarius Found In United States Wet prairies savannas and swamps Size Average of inches length Diet Carnivore. Facts Male Golfodulcean dart frogs care for the eggs which laid on leaves. It hisses ominously when disturbed hence the name puff adder

  • Annulated Boa Scientific Name Corallus annulatus Found In Central and South America Rain forests with source of fresh water Size Adults average between feet length. Taylor and Francis printers

  • Simply because the rhino viper may open its mouth does not mean that fangs will flip down into place. Froesch described a captive specimen that would hardly ever leave its hide box even when hungry and once waited for three days live mouse to enter before striking

  • Tokay Gecko Scientific Name Gekko Found In Southeast Asia invasive Florida Keys Trees and cliffs rainforest Size Adults average inches length Diet Insectivore. Diet consists of small insects Threat Level Least Concern

  • Diet consists of leaves flowers fruit and shoots. Facts This flat toes of species enable it run across water. Echidna nasicornis Jan Bitis ttikofer Boulenger venomous viper species found in the forests West and Central Africa

    • Major threats to this species include habitat loss due deforestation and human expansion Facts The toxins poisonous frog come from toxic arthropods they Golfodulcean Dart Scientific Name Phyllobates vittatus Found Southwestern Costa Rica Terrestrial freshwater streams lowland forests Size Adults average just over inch length Diet Carnivore. nasicornis Shaw Rhinoceros viper From Guinea to Ghana West Africa and Central the African Republic southern Sudan Cameroon Gabon Congo DR Angola Rwanda Uganda western Kenya . Journal of Experimental Biology

  • These babies developed small greenish blotches at about two months of age but remained predominately yellow. Diet consists of fruits leaves and insects. If this attempt to ward of the harasser does not work it will then resort attempting bite attacker

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