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Da2pp vaccine - For small dogs . Barb says September at pm I sad to that we lost our Bandit the Malamute yesterday morning. Clearly the vaccinations are not working and causing farreaching lifethreatening problems

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SINCERELY KODA MOM Susan Johnson says December at am Just back from the vet because Harry is coughing and having other symptoms post vaccination including bordatella shot. Please enter an address city and or zip code Today on Vetstreet Another Reason Banish Parasites Bartonella type bacteria that can be transmitted cats dogs humans from exposure infected fleas Why diagnosis difficult Best Fruits Veggies for Want give your pup yummy lowcalorie treats We got skinny which foods are OK feed him. . A good vet always has the best interest of pet mind | Jacksonville Community Pet Clinic » Preventatives & Vaccines

Rae and Mark says February at pm Karla We are sorry to hear about your Jack Russell. I believe that my dog lost her life because of vaccines.

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Dog Pet Vaccination Packages | Community Vaccine Clinics ...This a mild respiratory viral disease in dogs. I ve added this blog to my Google Reader RSS subscriptions and will give you mentioning over at . Started the Lab on clindamicin just incase to prevent infection. The other dog has not recovered at all. The vast majority of infected canines will recover on their own with no medication very short period. On Wednesday I noticed him coughing

This causes highly contagious viral disease in dogs. The other dog has not recovered at all. Sadly we hear all sorts of horror stories about vets and vaccinations almost every day. Vaccination against this virus generally considered noncore optional but may be recommended areas where coronavirus very common. I do use your Immune Builder and since we had to the rabies vaccine last Friday ve also been using MaxoTox. This means that because canine distemper serious highly contagious disease with death rate organized veterinary medicine has determined all dogs should protected from . I am still reluctant to get her vacinnated even though it appears she already has had kennelcough and dealt with no intervention my part. Rae and Mark says February at pm Val we are sorry to hear you having problems. Although this page talks about dogs much of what we recommend would apply to cats too. As you can tell from the article above well others on this site re far being fans of vaccinations and chemicals. I took her back into the vet and they gave shots medications try help . Our mission to reduce euthanasia numbers. While we would always caution people to do some research the brainwashing that medical profession inflicts is strong and authority they assert powerful all too easy believe acting your pet best interests but saying goes should follow money. In conclusion we all love our pets and think of them as members family. It was horrible to watch and love her too much put thru again

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Thank you Rae Mark Happy Thanksgivng Rebecca Long says June at am After my puppy got his first shot that was suppose to help him with kennel cough went from very sick. Anyway to answer your question most research these days indicates that many vaccines if they work all provide immunity for seven years life. Today he slept on his bed the WHOLE which not usual for him and even though ate hasn shown much appetite


  • Rae and Mark says February at pm Marvin Thanks for the feedback. That would have been fine ow my baby min pin who is loosing spots of hair wonder if this vaccine side effect also. That is very sad who going to save our dogs NOT GIVE YOUR ADULT BORDETELLA SHOT TAKE THE RISK Rae and Mark says September pm Sandy If haven already done so it may worth finding out exactly which vaccine was used asking see all of packaging comes with researching online

  • Our disinfecting protocols exceed the industry standard at why staff relentless when it comes taking care of your dog or cat home while away. We were told it was benign and that surgery is the only thing would help since this tumor causing her have fever WBC high trying attack pressing heart difficulty breathing etc

  • In association with the Stacks Foundation and Lake County Spay Neuter Rebate Program Misfit Clinic has provided low cost surgeries for thousands of dogs cats. yr GSP and looking at Tractor Supply for the required vacs bc they are less than ea there

  • Your experience so far is pretty typical and as say these drug pushers will do anything everything to avoid admitting their products can cause harm even kill. to schedule an appointment Physical exams and wellness checkups New puppy kitten immunizations deworming Sick pet examinations treatment Vaccinations preventative care Microchip placement dogs cats Behavior counseling Heartworm testing prevention Nail trims Express anal sacs Bandage changes Wound evaluation minor laceration repair End of life euthanasia body Diabetic management Subcutaneous fluids Dietary nutrition Selecting suitable for your family needs lifestyle Prenatal postpartum Medication delivery home office Health certificates Lab work Farm herd Referrals other veterinary professionals specialists when indicated transport from appointments groomer boarding facility etc safety assessment potential hazards pets housesitting administration Limited medical injured Presentations about medicine animal groups clubs schools Journal articles stories newsletters magazines publications Annual Camp children view all Fees Call greater Albuquerque metro area Tijeras Edgewood Los Lunas Bosque Farms Placitas Rio Rancho first each additional Canine Rabies year Distempter Parvo DAPP FVRCP Feline Bordetella kennel cough vaccine Leukemia PureVax nonadjuvanted Consultation per hour InHome does not include cremation cost trip information please text email directly. As you have dog that needs grooming then may want to look her yourself since we had customers whose dogs picked up Parvo groomer

    • Like you this sort of thing makes us very angry indeed. He suggested to continue giving her an antibiotic and that wanted see the following day this past Saturday. so now another vet visit

  • I m not the lawsuit type so won be going that far but am certainly changing vets. I started to make research on my own about the bordetalla shot and realized that given kennel cough vaccine puppy was error wish had seen your site before. and let them know your pets situation like any patient going to doctor ask plenty of questions

  • We are closed from p. Best wishes Rae Mark Lisa says June at am Hi Thank you so much for your website ve got yr old Yorkie and overdue according to the vet on all his shots

  • Mercola http Best wishes and we hope your mom vet pays for this not that it will bring her dog back of course but they mustn allowed to get away with type behaviour. Mary Asdourian says March at pm My year old Shorkie got nasal Bordetella vaccine week and half ago

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